Information for Parents

The English language club meets on Sunday evenings beginning at 6 pm during the school year in the Education Center at Capital Baptist Church (3504 Gallows Road in Annandale, Va.), and the Spanish language club meets each Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm.


This year, we are transitioning to KidCheck©️ to partner with you to keep your children safe while at Capital Baptist. KidCheck is a national program which you may already be enrolled in for church, sports or other activities. The account is completely free and may be set up via computer web site ( or phone (download the KidCheck©️ Mobile App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store). You can create an account anywhere you have Wi-Fi or internet access. The enrollment process is simple and only takes a few minutes.  

Please be sure to provide KidCheck©️ your cell phone number and an email address you check, because we will use this system to contact you with announcements (e.g., cancellation for snow) and other information throughout the year. Since we will use this in place of standard registration, please enter your full address (KidCheck©️ will say it’s optional), your child’s birthday and any allergies. At this time, photos are optional, but encouraged. 

Once enrolled you can check in/out your children using the app (this is the easiest and fastest), scanning a barcode tag, or entering your phone number at our check in kiosk. Upon check–in, a name tag will be printed for both you and your children. Each of these options requires you to walk in with your child. We will require your children to wear their name tag and you will need yours to pick them up. If you send someone else to pick up your child, they must have your cell phone number (since that’s how they’re accessed in KidCheck©️), and should have your name tag (barcode), if possible.


Once a clubber has completed his/her entrance booklet, we ask that the annual registration fee, handbook and uniform costs be paid.

If finances are a concern, please discuss with the Commander. Payment options and a scholarship form are available.

You can make your payment using our secure payment system SecureGive.

Dress and Attire

AWANA Club Uniforms

Every Awana club has a uniform designed for it. However, every clubber must earn the right to wear it. Once earned, we ask each child to wear their uniform each week. Clubbers should be in uniform to receive awards for completion of handbook sections and for the honor of participating in the Opening Ceremony color guard.

You may purchase the uniform and handbook when you register, but your child will not receive them until the entrance booklet is complete. We recommend that all fabric uniform items be sewn onto the uniform using the same color thread. Using an iron, hot glue or fabric glue will likely result in the patches falling off. If you are unsure as to where an earned patch should go, please consult the back of your child’s handbook and if the award isn’t described, please ask your child’s director.

Game Time Attire

Sneakers and appropriate/modest play clothes should be worn during Awana. To ensure the safety of all children and prevent as many “boo boos” as possible during game time, we ask that parents bring their children dressed with long pants and sneakers. Children who arrive without appropriate attire may be asked to sit out of certain games for their safety or when it could result in injury.


We expect all our clubbers to behave well. As ambassadors of Christ, we strive to provide an environment that is always loving and supportive; we consistently take a positive approach to discipline, providing an interactive environment, encouraging and rewarding good behavior. However, we must maintain discipline and children must learn to obey rules which provide an atmosphere which is positive for everyone. There will be no rough play or bad/hurtful language at Awana clubs.

We will notify you promptly of any concerns regarding your child’s behavior. Here are some basic rules and the way AWANA maintains discipline, when needed:

  • When moving from one location to another, clubbers must be with a leader. Children are expected to ask permission for restroom or water fountain breaks. The following areas are off limits for clubbers unless given special permission by the Awana Commander: the Awana Supply Area, the kitchen, the elevator/stairs, the second floor, outside, and the sanctuary building. Clubbers may not go outside unless accompanied by a parent or a leader.
  • The “Five count” is Awana’s way to maintain order of a group. When the Commander, Game Director, or other Leader begins with “one” of the five count, all clubbers must become still and quiet.
  • The three count is Awana’s way to address individual discipline issues. If a child misbehaves we first (re)explain the rule and let them know they will receive a “1” if they do not correct their behavior on their own. We may move their seat or otherwise change the situation to help the child do the right thing. If the same issue occurs again in the same club evening, the child will given a “1”, and reminded of the correct behavior. Additional changes to the child’s environment may then occur to make obedience easier (e.g., sitting right next to the child, asking the child questions to bring them back on track, etc). If a “2” must later be given on the same evening, this is a second verbal warning to the child that also includes a talk with the Director who will follow up with the parent about the situation. In the very rare occurrence where a child must be given a “3”, it is the prayerful judgement of the leaders involved that the child has chosen to be willfully disobedient – there has been no improvement in the situation and the child has been removed from the activities of the club. In such a circumstance, the Commander and the child’s parents/caregivers will discuss the rules, the situation and the appropriate disciplinary action (Hebrews 12:11).

Bringing Visitors

In response to the Great Commission, Awana includes a strong focus on evangelism. To help clubbers learn how to invite others to “Come and see…” (John 1:46), each Sparks book includes a requirement to invite visitors to Awana. For T&T it is one of the options to partially complete AWANA GO credit, which means it is not required for book completion, but is highly recommended. We know your child may not find anyone willing to come, so here are the ways we’ve established to meet the intent of this requirement:

  • The child must make at least three separate attempts at asking at least two different kids to attend Awana with them (including special events like the Grand Prix Derby), or a teen or adult to attend the evening programs at CBC. They may also invite people to attend Christmas Eve, Easter or another church service (again a total of 6 invites). You may coach them, but the child must do the asking him/herself.
  • If there is no one in the local area to invite, the child may contact those he/she does know (e.g., friends and/or relatives out of town) to tell them about AWANA and invite them to look for a club in their local area (at least 3 separate attempts to ask 2 people).
  • As an alternative, a child may sign up to go on visitation with church staff or a Sunday School teacher and their parent either on a Tuesday night GROW visit (7-9 pm) or a Saturday, by special arrangement.


AWANA also intends to help your child(ren) learn to serve God, by serving others. Clubbers will be given an opportunity to donate money, as well as AWANA Shares they earn, to pay support AWANA Global Outreach ($10 pays for a child to attend AWANA for a year) and any other Christian ministries highlighted in our Store. Clubbers are also encouraged to bring in new or gently used toys to donate to the AWANA Store during the year.

Donation Form

Photos and Video

As a matter of course, we take pictures of children, teens and adults participating in AWANA, some of which are posted to our internal community sites, including the CapitalKids Facebook page. If you have any concern, please speak to the Mike Eicher or Norah Harmon immediately.