Award Opportunities

Attendance Awards

Four times a year, students who miss no more than one evening in eight will receive an attendance award
Twice a year, students are awarded for faithfully attending church or Sunday School. This is self-reported each week.

Awana Shares [“Dollars”]

Sparks — One share is awarded for completion of Flight 3:16, each leader-signed handbook section, and each Jewel earned. Five shares are awarded for a completed handbook. One share is awarded for every two review sections completed.

T&T — Two shares are awarded for completing the section (book work and memory verses), with the exception of review. The four review sections in the book are worth four shares each. One extra share is given for completing the appropriate section prior to class.

Clubbers may earn extra shares for completing Silver (one share/section) and Gold (two shares/section) on or after the day that section is scheduled.

Visitors for both Sparks and T&T — The person who brings a visitor earns two shares (only twice for the same visitor). A visitor who registers for the year earns both the visitor and the inviter five shares. Shares are given for each visitor a clubber brings (e.g., bringing siblings may split the shares). Special events and discretionary awards as decided upon by the AWANA Commander.

Weekly Incentives

Individual Awards — children earning Jewels or Patches will receive them on the night earned, during the closing ceremony. Review Patches and Extra Credit pins are also awarded at the end of the year, not when completed.

Team Award — For Sparks and T&T, every night each clubber receives a color mark on their hand indicating the team that they will be a part of that night. Clubbers earn points for attendance, wearing their uniform, bringing their Bible and handbook, bringing visitors, participating in theme nights, and completing handbook sections. Teams earn points during game time based on play, following the rules, and good sportsmanship. During closing ceremonies each week, the team with the most points that night is announced and all team members get to choose an item from our prize box.

Book Awards — For each book completed, clubbers receive ribbons or trophies at the end of the year ceremony. Medallions are awarded to Cubbies and the first two years of Sparks who complete their book. Graduating Sparks earn a sculpture for completing their third book. T&T is awarded a medallion for each book completed through fifth grade. The Timothy Award is for completing four books, beginning with T&T. Teens can earn a Milestone Award for a single Trek or Journey book. Trek or Journey can earn the Meritorious award for completing six books (from T&T) and Journey can earn the Citation Award for completing all ten books. This final award is recognized for credit or scholarship at some colleges.

Extra Grade School Awards (MAY BE OFFERED)

Clubber of the Month – Custom ribbons are awarded at Closing Ceremony 5-6 times each year to a boy and girl in Sparks and a boy and girl in T&T who have not only demonstrated good discipline (i.e. coming prepared [faithful attendance in uniform with their book, Bible], and dedicated study [working hard in their handbooks and doing their best during game time], but also good character [kindness, respect, generosity, compassion, grace, good sportsmanship, etc], and inviting others). A clubber may receive this award once per year.

Clubber of the Year – Selected from Clubbers of the Month, up to four children may be awarded a gift at the end of the year ceremony each year. These clubbers exemplify the characteristics we desire in each of our clubbers. A clubber may receive this award once between Kindergarten and sixth grade.