As a way to motivate our grade school clubbers, we award “AWANA Shares” for Bible verse memorization, coming to AWANA prepared, bringing friends to AWANA, and other positive choices. These shares are like real money and can be spent in our AWANA Store that we open up to clubbers four times a year. The store is filled with items that kids love and is made possible by a portion of the registration fees, the church budget, and toy donations. We gladly accept new and used toys any time of the year for possible use in our store.

For Puggles and Cubbies, there are no shares because they are too young to understand the concept, however, Puggles and Cubbies will not go home empty-handed on the nights the “big kids” get to go to the store. Each Puggle and Cubbie will be awarded small gifts to take home.

The Teen clubs have a separate “Incentive Store” from which they are rewarded twice a year for their diligent study.