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Welcome to November at AWANA

Fall has finally arrived. The air is cooler and the leaves are changing colors and this time of year is great for enjoying family time, enjoying time outdoors, and taking time to notice all God’s blessing. This November at AWANA we will share a bit of those aspects of fall with our AWANA family.  We hope your children can be with us every Sunday, so they wont miss a thing!


We open the month with AWANA night on November 3. Please make sure your Clubber has a jacket and long pants as we enjoy S’mores Night outside during game time. This will be a fun evening as the Clubbers gather around the campfire to roast marshmallows and make delicious s’mores. For any who cant eat chocolate, marshmallows or graham crackers, we will have pineapple to toast.  We’ll be sure to have some gluten-free graham crackers as well.  It’ll be a time of singing and enjoying the outdoors as well, but as always, safety is our first priority.

On November 10, we will have Red, White and Blue Night where Clubbers and leaders are encouraged to wear as much red, white and blue clothing as possible. Clubbers will receive extra points for their team, if they dress in red, white and blue.  

November 17 will begin our Season of Thankfulness as we hold “Thanks for Our Freedom” Night at AWANA.  We will hand out the details on 10 Nov to invite clubbers to write a letter to a current or former member of the armed services.  We will gather the letters on 17 November so be sent to Operation Gratitude for distribution.

November 2019 at AWANA
November 3 — AWANA Night / S’mores Night
November 10 — AWANA Night / “Red White and Blue” Night
November 17 — AWANA Night / “Thanks for Our Freedom Night
November 24 — AWANA Night